Valour and Purpose: Exchanging My Fears For God's Armour

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Kgodiso's childhood challenges molded her to be an overachiever, she used that as an attention seeking mechanism from her Dad who she earnestly wanted a Father-Daughter relationship with. She became insecure and felt abandoned by him but upon acknowledging God's love and understanding the art of emotional intelligence, she made peace with the fact that we all love the way we know how and she might have expected so much that her Dad never experienced or even knew she needed then. Most importantly she realized that each one of us is a fearless child who believes that he/she can be, do and have anything he/she wants. Which is ultimately the version God wants to see emerging from us.

However, as we evolve, we go through detours, become overwhelmed and get detached from that version. It could be identity crisis, unforgiveness issues that we may be or not be aware of or just going through life condemning ourselves for things that didn’t go our way and overwhelmed with fears, from rejection, failure, the future and facing our past.

In Valour and Purpose, Kgodiso give others courage to:

1. Self-introspect,
2. Connect with the inner child
3. Unleash maximum potential from within
4. Fill the emptiness we sometimes feel with greatness
5. Sync with your true being to operate from a place of love and kindness
6. Stop searching in others what lies plentiful in you
7. Never settle where your pain has met you